What is the shelf-life of the wraps?

The shelf life of the wraps are 14 days fresh,  3 weeks refrigerated and 6 months frozen.  We recommend freezing the wraps, as they do not stick together. When you’re ready to use one, simply take it out of the bag and by the time you have your toppings ready, the wrap is defrosted!

Where can I buy Wrap It Up Raw?

Wrap It Up Raw can be purchased at over 250 locations across Canada, as well as at our online shop. To find a store near you, see our store locator.

I would love to sell your wraps in my store. How can I do this?

If you’d like to sell our wraps in your store, or if you know of a store near you that would be interested in carrying the wraps, please contact us for more information about selling Wrap It Up Raw.

Can I see the nutrition label?

Please go to our online store and select the product you wish to view the label on.

How many wraps come in each package?

There are 6 wraps per bag for the smaller wraps (7”) and 4 wraps per bag for the larger ones (9”).

What size are the wraps?

The wraps come in two sizes: 7” and 9” in diameter.

What does Organic mean?

Organic food is, in general, food that is  grown without the use of artificial pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

What is Dehydrating?

Dehydrating is the best way to preserve the essence of raw fruits and vegetables. When raw food is heated to an internal food temperature of 118 degrees F/48 degrees C or higher, for an extended period of time, its nutritional values begin to deteriorate, especially enzymes. Dehydrating does not subject foods to the high temperatures associated with cooking, or traditional canning methods.

What is Raw?

For a food to be considered Raw it must not be heated or “cooked” over a certain internal food temperature.  The most frequently quoted and accurate temperature is 118 degrees F / 48 degrees C based on the book “Enzyme Nutrition” by Dr. Edward Howell.  Advocates for the Raw food diet believe that cooking foods at a high heat or for long periods of time is toxic  because cooking transforms some ingredients, notably oil and salt, into harmful chemicals and destroys antioxidants, phyto-chemicals and enzymes contained in food.

Raw Food supporters feel that a diet rich in raw foods can help prevent degenerative diseases, retard aging, provide enhanced energy and make people feel more emotionally balanced. Raw foods contain enzymes which are catalysts to regulate digestive process in the body and organically grown raw foods are thought to have much higher nutrient values than foods which are cooked.