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Kids loved your wraps

My kids LOVED your wraps and so did I.  Thank you so much!  It is so difficult to find breads and bread products for children with so many allergies.

Jennifer L.

I am impressed

I bought your wraps today at the Healthy Cupboard.  I went right home and had one with avocados, tomato, and lettuce.   Absolutely delicious!!!!!  No other condiments necessary.  Wrap was VERY FRESH!!!!!!!!!!  It takes a lot to impress me and I AM IMPRESSED.

Wanda R.

So delicious

I happened across your product in Creemore and it is so delicious and awesome that you can have a wrap sandwich without wheat, etc.

Mitch H.

So healthy for me

I live in Lakefield (near Peterborough). I purchased your ultimate organic raw wrap at Jo Anne’s health food store. Love it – so healthy for me. Just the medicine my Naturopath prescribed for me, high fiber and high vitamin A.

Brenda W.

The tastiest and healthiest product

I have both gluten intolerance and a huge issue with my bowel (only have half of it). This wrap (Ultimate Organic Raw Wrap) is by far the tastiest and healthiest product that I have yet found!!

Anne W.

These wraps are genius!

A staff member at Rainbow Foods in Ottawa recommended the raw wraps as a solution to my dilemma of finding quick gluten and dairy free lunches for my toddler. I honestly didn’t believe my two year old would like them and I was right…she didn’t like them, she LOVED them!! So happy!! Thanks so much! These wraps are genius! 🙂

Carrie F.

Did not break

We saw these wraps at a store in Niagara, bought them and had them last night for dinner. Mexican stir fry in them and the wraps did not break up. Lovely! We live in the east end of T.O. and wanted to buy here. Went on you site and found they are available at Tianos in Pickering very close to us. Thank you for making something, raw, and gluten free that tastes good!

Karen P.

Nothing else compares

Gluten-free, vegan, healthy, and they don’t fall apart when you actually try and wrap something in them!! discovered these at Rainbow Foods in Ottawa, and very glad I did. Nothing else compares.

Fiona L.

Best service

Best service from the owner- she helped me find some wraps when my usual store had run out! They are THAT good!

Darlene B.

Great flavour

I LOVE Wrap it up Raw, great flavour and gluten free…..that’s not easy to do!

Merianne F.

Lifetime customer

Best wraps I’ve ever had. Happy to have just received my shipment today! So tasty and they roll without ripping like most gluten free wraps.

Lifetime customer here.

Charlee M.


I will never struggle with a tasteless, can’t-hold-it’s-shape, gluten free option again!

Trish B.

Your wraps are amazing!!

I tried your wraps and loved them!! I have Crohn’s and don’t eat much gluten. I find traditional gluten free wraps to taste bad and break easily.

Gillian R.

They’re DELISH

Wow I just wanted to let you know I discovered your wraps last week and have enjoyed one everyday since. I’ve been stuffing them with avocado, sprouts, hummus, tomatoes, and more goodies!

Gemma H.

I didn’t expect them to taste so good!

Yesterday I bought some of your “Wrap It Up ~ Raw” wraps from Foodsmiths in Perth, Ontario. I like them very, very much and will continue to buy them. I far prefer them to more traditional flavoured wraps with the usual ingredients. I’m also greatly impressed at the low calories which was one of the main reasons I gave them a try. I didn’t expect them to taste so good!

Leonard K.

A healthier alternative

I wanted to let you know a few months ago I found your wraps while looking a healthier alternative to what was available where I shop (Nature’s Emporium – Newmarket) and I found WRAP IT UP ~ RAW wraps.  I read your ingredients, list and BINGO!, made my first purchase.  Since then I have purchase about 7-packs and enjoy your wraps so much!  I keep them in the fridge and they last some time and don’t dry up and don’t break-up while rolling them even after a week in the fridge.

Anyway, the reason for my email is to express my THANKS for providing such a delicious & nutritional wrap – THANK –you.

Too many people only email to complain when something is wrong, I like to email to tell someone when they are doing it right.  THANKS again.

Kurt N.


Thank you for creating such a great  product, due to digestion issues and eating gluten free, I discovered and enjoy immensely. Your personal story is amazing and inspiring. It gave me incentive to get back to fitness – appointment on Sunday (been off since struggling with IBS) and also look into a nutrition program. It has been percolating in my mind for awhile. Not sure why I went on your site the other day…just thought I would check out the website as I was eating one of my banana specials. I am very glad I did. Thank you again!

Shawn D.

The Pancreas Diet

Hello Joanne….recently on family vacation in Mexico my husband was diagnosed with necrotising acute pancreatitis. A frightening experience for our family. We have discovered this condition requires a diet free of fats, gluten, sugars, dairy, eggs, red meats and stimulants. It doesn’t leave a lot left other than some lean meats, fruit, veg and good old homemade chicken broth.

Although I am passionate for cooking and love butter, we are newly acquainted with the healthy free isles of our market and health food store and the butter has disappeared.  Skeptically I purchased your wraps. Honestly it did remind me of the fibre filled garden pots until I gave them a thorough taste test ! They really are spectacular and you should be congratulated to the highest for developing such a fabulous and delicious product. I have found something else Blair can eat that will help to sustain some needed energy and good nutrition and he really liked the flavour.

We are really delighted. Thank you!

Elizabeth & Blair

the wraps of course:)

My husband and I have been on a path to wellness for over a year and are loving the journey to feeling so much better.  The one frustration we did have was trying to find a bread like substitute as we are omitting refined carbs and grains.  We have tried many types of ‘breads” and have not been satisfied until now.  Wow, so impressed with your wraps!!  They are difficult to rip, are delicious, satisfying, do not leak and best of all we use them for all our sandwich needs.  Thank you for creating this product!!

Marion H.

perfect solution because he loves his “bread”

We absolutely love your wraps! My husband is diabetic and should avoid carbohydrates, so the wraps are the perfect solution because he loves his “bread”.

We both have to avoid gluten also. It’s great to have that chewy texture that we so much miss in other gluten free products.

Thank you!

Jenny D.


OK amazing product. Hands down best wrap ever. Taste, softness, good bite, top notch nutrition and an amazing option. No need for wheat any longer. Joanne…you need to produce more.. I get them at IGA Poirier here in St-Lazare, QC. My bodybuilder girlfriend told me about them and I am spreading the word rest assured.  You need to come out with Wrapitupraw  Hamburger buns…Wooho!!!

John M.

Love the Wraps!

Every once in a while we come across a product and are truly surprised!  That is what I have to say about your wraps!  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I have very recently (about 5 days now) started a new path to a better life by eating clean.  I have always had some sort of intolerance to bread so I have been a wrap girl so to speak.  I knew if clean eating was going to be a life style change I had to be realistic and find a wrap of some sort that was clean.  I visited Sweet Greens in Hagersville (beautiful store) and was quickly guided towards your product.  I took my first bite with a bit of clean hummus, spinach, red pepper and WOW! I was blown about by texture and taste.  I love how simple the ingredients are, I love they don’t stick together and I love the taste.  So from one very impressed customer thank you for a product I truly will continue to enjoy.